Troll software - General Features Troll software - General Features

General Features

Troll software, General Features

Troll, a powerful and modern tool 

  • A kernel with all objects: TROLL offers the entire set of objects needed to enable the development and fine-tuning of econometric and modelling applications.

  • A sophisticated modelling language: TROLL uses a powerful modelling language that is designed for large systems.

  • State-of-the-art simulation techniques: TROLL offers state-of-the-art techniques for model simulation and analysis.

  • A complete programming language:The TROLL Programming Language (TPL) is complete enough to allow development of applications of any size.

  • A generalised database interface: The TROLL database interface is standardised.

  • Tools for reporting and graphs: TROLL hosts its own library for tables and graphs display.TROLL hosts its own library for tables and graphs display.

TROLL is fully portable on most PC and UNIX environments:

  • All MS-WINDOWS versions beyond NT;
  • LINUX;
  • IBM-AIX, SUN-Solaris, SUN/OS, HP-UX