TROLL for the AGLINK-COSIMO agriculture model

Troll system

Troll system by Hendyplan

August 2013HENDYPLAN has organized a presentation of TROLL for the AGLINK-COSIMO agriculture model. HENDYPLAN has illustrated the power of TROLL 64-bit and has demonstratedhow  the model could be linearized (using  SIMULATE ROOTS, followed by LKROOTS for identification of elasticity values, for example) on the OECD is now a system of about 30,000 equations; the Jacobian matrix and data on the side are using 450 Mb and the process used 7 Gb maximum during the calculation.

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The AGLINK-COSIMO modelling system is presently one of the most comprehensive partial equilibrium models for global agriculture framework and it is the main tool in the OECD-FAO agricultural outlook process (

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