New staff at HENDYPLAN – welcome to Antoine and Ludovic!

Antoine Haag and Ludovic Calès have recently integrated HENDYPLAN’s staff, respectively with the position of Project Manager and Chief Researcher. Antoine and Ludovic have both a strong technical background; in line with the company’s model blending precise project management and high scientific standards. Antoine will principally work for organization and execution of projects and Ludovic will have an active role in research and methodological activities.

 Dr. Ludovic CALÈS is an Econometrician with  research interests in quantitative analysis,  financial and economic modelling, in particular in non-linear econometrics. He holds a PhD in financial mathematics from the University Paris-1 Sorbonne as well as a Master in finance and a Master in applied mathematics. He has been a consultant in IT and in econometrics for 7 years.

Dr Antoine Haag is Statistican/Economist, holding a PhD in labour and social policies. He has more than 15 years of experience, having worked at STATEC (National Statistical Institute of Luxembourg), CEPS/INSTEAD (Luxembourg).

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