Kick-off meeting for the Eurostat HICP Manual project

January 2014 – HENDYPLAN has started the activities for the preparation of the HICP handbook

The project has been awarded to HENDYPLAN by Eurostat over a period of 18 months and will be realized in collaboration with a small team of specialists in the field of price statistics: leaded by Mr. John Astin, Mr. David Baran, Mr. Michael Baxter, Mr. Enrico D’Elia and Mr. Marc Prud’homme .

The scope of this project is essentially to revise and finalize the current draft (Methodological Manual for HICP, drafted in 2006 and updated in summer 2013) for responding to the needs, views and the opinions of Eurostat and to the outcomes from the dedicated Eurostat task force involving national statistical offices and central banks. In particular, our team will review some chapters of the draft manual, focusing on best practice and various concrete examples that clarify the issues.

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