Eurostat’s training services relating to “Public Finance”


September 2013 HENDYPLAN has been awarded of Eurostat’s project for the provision of training services relating to “Public Finance”. The project will mainly deliver three training courses: a course on new and amended features in the ESA 2010 compared to ESA95; and two courses on government finance statistics and Excessive deficit statistics in accordance with ESA 2010 and the MGDD.

More info:

HENDYPLAN offers a full range of training and skill development activities in the field of statistics, econometrics, economic modelling and analysis and for specific IT tools, in particular for TROLL. HENDYPLAN proposes a new approach to skills development through diverse and customized solution to adult learning, capacity building and coaching. Further, HENDYPLAN gains a real asset from the strong ties with numerous research and academic institutes hence having the real possibility to make available a stable and large variety of high ranking specialist trainers on such a broad range of topics.

2 thoughts on “Eurostat’s training services relating to “Public Finance”

  1. Worli

    Public Finance Management seems inaccessible to most of us. Even where it is accessible to us we deem it to be boring, inconsequential and something only dreary accountants and auditors need bother about.

  2. Sheldon

    I can understand people thinking public finance management is inaccessible and boring. It’s really a branch of accountancy and auditing. But it’s a little different ‘downstream’, when it comes to public finance statistics – here we are talking about the national accounts compiled by statistical offices, where the ‘general government’ is one sector of the whole economy. These are statistics (public deficit, debt, investment….) which economists, journalists, and many others are using all the time. Hendyplan’s course is indeed in the framework of the national accounts. This may still be boring to some, but it’s not at all inconsequential.


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