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Training course on Seasonal Adjustment and Temporal Disaggregation for Eurostat

The first stakeholders’ meeting of the SBAS project

November 2013 – For Eurostat we have provided a 3-day training course on Seasonal Adjustment and Temporal Disaggregation, Dr. Dominique Ladiray and Dr.Ludovic Cales were our trainers.

This course was an introduction to the use of seasonal adjustment and  temporal disaggregation  and in particular of the JDEMETRA and JECOTRIM software applications. The purpose of this course was to teach participants how to work with series; this includes understanding the concepts, running the program, looking at the output, and assessing the results.

Training course on Regression and Variance analysis for Eurostat

The first stakeholders’ meeting of the SBAS project

November 2013 – For Eurostat we have provided a 3-days training course on Regression and Variance Analysis, Prof.George Kapetanios and Dr.Fotis Papailias were our trainers.

This course has been designed to be a comprehensive and friendly introduction to fundamental concepts of regression and variance analysis. This course was divided in two parts: (i) a theoretical and (ii) a practical one. The first part of the course was to explain the intuition of the theoretical aspects of the above topics without the use of asymptotic proofs. The second and interactive part of the course was an application of the theory in real data using the R Language for Statistical Computing.


KO meeting for the Eurostat’s Handbooks project

October 2013 – HENDYPLAN has started the activities for the preparation of four statistical handbooks: Cyclical Composite Indicators;  Rapid Estimates; Seasonal Adjustment; and Revision Analysis

The project has been awarded by Eurostat over a period of 18 months and will produce four handbooks addressing theoretical and practical issues and providing methodological guidance.

Handbooks cover statistical areas relevant to the core activities of Eurostat in particular related to Principle European Economic Indicators PEEIs. The purpose of this project is to address the above mentioned issues in a systematic way in order to support the harmonization efforts of Eurostat within the ESS by the production of four handbooks. These handbooks will be based on draft versions available through earlier Eurostat efforts.

Eurostat’s training services relating to “Public Finance”


September 2013 HENDYPLAN has been awarded of Eurostat’s project for the provision of training services relating to “Public Finance”. The project will mainly deliver three training courses: a course on new and amended features in the ESA 2010 compared to ESA95; and two courses on government finance statistics and Excessive deficit statistics in accordance with ESA 2010 and the MGDD.

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HENDYPLAN offers a full range of training and skill development activities in the field of statistics, econometrics, economic modelling and analysis and for specific IT tools, in particular for TROLL. HENDYPLAN proposes a new approach to skills development through diverse and customized solution to adult learning, capacity building and coaching. Further, HENDYPLAN gains a real asset from the strong ties with numerous research and academic institutes hence having the real possibility to make available a stable and large variety of high ranking specialist trainers on such a broad range of topics.

TROLL for the AGLINK-COSIMO agriculture model

Troll system

Troll system by Hendyplan

August 2013HENDYPLAN has organized a presentation of TROLL for the AGLINK-COSIMO agriculture model. HENDYPLAN has illustrated the power of TROLL 64-bit and has demonstratedhow  the model could be linearized (using  SIMULATE ROOTS, followed by LKROOTS for identification of elasticity values, for example) on the OECD is now a system of about 30,000 equations; the Jacobian matrix and data on the side are using 450 Mb and the process used 7 Gb maximum during the calculation.

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The AGLINK-COSIMO modelling system is presently one of the most comprehensive partial equilibrium models for global agriculture framework and it is the main tool in the OECD-FAO agricultural outlook process (

Training on the balancing of Supply/Use and Input/output tables

The first stakeholders’ meeting of the SBAS project

July 2013  - HENDYPLAN has driven a coach training on the balancing of Supply/Use and Input/output tables for the National Accounts Department of CyStat, the National Statistical Office of Cyprus.  The seminar has been held by François Libeau, Director of HENDYPLAN and Alain Gallais National Accounts expert consultant from INSEE. The course has been developed on a prototype of tool especially built at this purpose – about 300 products were reconciled, with NACE 64 branches decomposition.

HENDYPLAN has developed a tool to facilitate the production of SUIOT. The tool embeds a methodological approach, a full set of procedures for compilation, quality analysis and estimation of missing data. As well, HENDYPLAN has produced a specific tool for balancing of SUIOT.


New project: Methodological Manual of Harmonised Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP)

December 2013 – HENDYPLAN has been awarded and has signed with Eurostat a contract for providing services for the development of the “Methodological Manual of Harmonised Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP)”

Hendyplan will make available the expertize of an outstanding pool of scientists for finalizing the manual on the basis of the existing draft manual, updated by Eurostat in 2013. The development of the methodological manual of HICP is based on a cooperative approach with Member States, to be developed in the context of a dedicated Task Force that will consist of experts from Eurostat, the National Statistical Institutes, the European Central Bank and the national central banks.