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The first stakeholders’ meeting of the SBAS project


April 2013 – The first stakeholders’ meeting of the SBAS project has been held in Brussels on April 18, 2013. The SBAS – A Short-term Sectoral based Anticipatory System for Labour Market and Skill Needs.

SBAS is a project sponsored by CEDEFOP and implemented by HENDYPLAN in collaboration with Prof. Massimiliano Marcellino and Prof. George Kapetanios.

SBAS project contributes to complement and integrate existing European tools with methods and data for anticipating labour market trends and skill needs at European level.

During the meeting HENDYPLAN has presented the methodology proposed; next steps will be for finalizing the collection of data and preparation of a prototype.

HENDYPLAN has been awarded and has signed with Eurostat a 4-year framework contract


February 2013 – HENDYPLAN has been awarded and has signed with Eurostat a 4-year framework contract for providing statistical training to Commission staff and for Eurostat in particular.

HENDYPLAN will organize training course in six knowledge areas:

  1. Introduction to descriptive statistics
  2. Introduction to inferential statistics – estimation and tests
  3. Survey methodology and sampling techniques
  4. Linear regression / Analysis of variance
  5. Multivariate data analysis techniques
  6. Analysis of time series, seasonal adjustments.

This new contract underlines HENDYPLAN’s expertise in providing high-quality professional services and it is a consolidation of the outstanding network of experts regularly collaborating with HENDYPLAN. Our instructors are leading researchers in their fields and experienced trainers and will provide participants with the opportunity to know about a wide range of methods and to discuss about innovative techniques and their application in daily statistical work.

HENDYPLAN’s approach to training is designed to be as tailored as possible, enabling each group of users to make the most of the concepts learned and fostering links between participants and experienced scientists. We can offer diverse forms of course i.e. lecturer, on-line, e-learning, and we adapt the learning style to audience and expectations.

TROLL system training

The first stakeholders’ meeting of the SBAS project

February 2013 – Our CEO, François Libeau has provided an intensive training course to the central Bank of France on TROLL management of advanced non-linear dynamic models best practices.

TROLL system is a powerful symbolic differentiator for exceptionally fast and robust performance on nonlinear problems. The Bank of France has been using TROLL for more 20 years.

TROLL is the primary econometric modelling and analysis tool at many of the world’s leading central banks, national and international governmental agencies, private companies (financial institutions and energy sector) in and prominent research laboratories in the academic world.

HENDYPLAN participated actively in the workshop on Input-Output with CYSTAT


February 2013 – HENDYPLAN participated actively to the workshop on Input-Output data and held at the Cyprus Statistical Office (CYSTAT)

The meeting has been the opportunity to discuss about the SUIOT tool realized by HENDYPLAN for support the production process at CYSTAT.

During one week meeting participants have actively discussed and brainstormed the techniques, perspectives, lessons learned and best practices for enhancing the quality of data and effectiveness in the production of Input-Output tables.

For HENDYPLAN, François Libeau – director – and Alain Gallais – scientific advisor – have attended.

The touch-down meeting


February 2013 – The touch-down meeting of the PEEIs (Principal European Economic Indicators) contract has been held at Eurostat.

The meeting has been an extraordinary opportunity to gather some of the most reputed scientists in the field of statistical and econometric techniques for discussing discussed the work done. Among the others Prof. Marcellino (EUI Florence); Prof. Koopman (University of Amsterdam); Prof. Mitchell (University of Leicester); Prof. Charpin (University Paris II); Prof. Billio (university of Venice).

New project for Hendyplan

January 2013 – HENDYPLAN has started the activities for the preparation of an international handbook on commercial property price indicators

The project has been awarded by Eurostat for 2 years and will produce a handbook addressing theoretical and practical issues and providing methodological guidance.

The measures of commercial property price changes are of high interest for public institutions and policy makers; more than in the case of residential property prices indicators, limited information is available on price changes of commercial buildings and additional problems typically may arise such as a lower number of transactions and a higher variety of types of structures. This handbook is intended to define the framework and good practice and, thus, give impulse to developments in the CPPI area.

Report on PEEI’s methodology by Hendyplan

December 2012 - HENDYPLAN has delivered the final report of the PEEIs (Principal European Economic Indicators) contract.

The report included the results of substantial work done on state-of-art methods and techniques. This is the last report since the PEEIs project has been terminated.

During 8 years period and two consecutive contracts the PEEIs has been an extraordinary experience bringing together the  highest ranking scientists and bringing a real value added to the reflection on data quality by introducing state-of-art methods and technologies.

HENDYPLAN, awarded and signed the contract with CEDEFOP


September 2012

HENDYPLAN has been awarded and has signed the contract with CEDEFOP for realizing a Short-term Sector-Based Anticipatory System for labour market trends and Skill Needs (SBAS).

During 3 years contract HENDYPLAN will design and implement a full system with methods, tools and data to identify emerging competences and short-term skill needs at EU and MS level taking into account the distinct characteristics and responsiveness of different sectors. The project will be leaded by Prof. Massimiliano Marcellino (EUI) and Prof. Georges Kapetanios (Queen Mary University of London) for methodological aspects

HENDYPLAN with the ECOMOD conference 2012 in Seville


July 2012

As usual since many years, HENDYPLAN has supported the ECOMOD conference 2012, this year held in Seville.

ECOMOD conference is aimed to promote the exchange of ideas among economists conducting quantitative analysis for policy and decision-making in the public and private sector.

HENDPYLAN, in particular Mr. Libeau, has also provided an advanced training course on “Macroeconometric Modeling using TROLL”

Final report for the NAPS


June 2012

HENDYPLAN has delivered the final report for the NAPS (National Accounts Production System) project – the report has been approved.

The NAPS project was part of Eurostat’s “Vision Infrastructure Projects” aimed to spearhead the implementation of the efficiency vision stemming from the Communication on the production method of EU statistics. In particular, HENDYPLAN had designed and tested for one statistical process a modern and innovative production system (collection, validation and production) for economic indicators, based on Service Oriented Architecture and using available generic tools such as DEMETRA + or ECOTRIM.

Eurostat will have to evaluate if this approach will be extended to other times-series related processes