HENDYPLAN is searching for a Project Manager

HENDYPLAN is recruiting a project manager that could frame, lead and monitor activities in Luxembourg and link with Paris and Brussels offices, bringing value added and consolidating best practice. His/her role will have strong focus on stakeholders’ management and communication activities.

The ideal candidate should have sound knowledge of statistical, economic and econometric topics; perfect command of French and English, with excellent writing skills in both languages; ability to work in multidiscipline/cross-functional teams, flexible and autonomous; and excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

We offer a stimulating working environment where you can develop your skills as well as yourself as an individual by working with some of the best and brightest minds in the research sector.

HENDYPLAN has accumulated over decades an impressive experience, knowledge and expertise; if you find your match with us, we could make part of this fast pace way together. If you have creativity and ideas Join Us, you will find the environment to express yourself.

Send CV and motivation letter to françois.libeau@hendyplan.com.

Training course for Eurostat’s staff on Linear Algebra

HENDYPLAN has organized a course on “Linear Algebra” on 26 November 2014. The instructor is Prof. George Kapetanios- see http://econ.qmul.ac.uk/staff/georgekapetanios.html.

This course will develop fundamental algebric tools that will be useful in other disciplines and applications. It is a full introductory linear algebra course and it is intended for those who have quantitative interests and are willing to study more rigorous mathematics.

Training course for Eurostat’s staff on Data Mining

HENDYPLAN has organized a course on “Data Mining” on 17-18 November 2014 ; the course is targeted at the statistical production units of Eurostat. The instructor is Prof. Bruno Scarpa, professor at the Department of Statistical Sciences – University of Padova  (http://homes1.stat.unipd.it/bruno/)

This two-day course gives a detailed overview of statistical models for data mining, by introducing principal ideas in statistical learning and helping to understand conceptual underpinnings of methods in data mining, regression and classification. In this course we emphasize the tools useful for tackling modern-day data analysis problems and we make use of R software for practicing.


Handbook on Commercial Property Price Indicators (CPPI) – Workshop

Hendyplan’s team of experts are going to present the Handbook on CPPI during a workshop held in Frankfurt on 29-30 September.

The main purpose of the workshop is to present and discuss an advanced draft of the principal chapters of the forthcoming Handbook on CPPIs. A number of key issues will be addressed: the concept and classification of commercial properties; links to price statistics and national accounts; the role of market transactions and appraisals for the valuation of commercial property; methods for compiling CPPIs; specific challenges when measuring price changes over time; return-based indicators; other non-price indicators; and data sources. The feedback received at the workshop from the main stakeholders will feed into the final version of the Handbook.

Training for Eurostat’s staff on Regression and Variance Analysis

March 2013 - For the second time we have provided 3-day training course on Regression and Variance Analysis for Eurostat’s staff, Prof.George Kapetanios and Dr.Ludovic Cales were our trainers.

This course has been designed to be a comprehensive and friendly introduction to fundamental concepts of regression and variance analysis. This course was divided in two parts: (i) a theoretical and (ii) a practical one. The first part of the course was to explain the intuition of the theoretical aspects of the above topics without the use of asymptotic proofs. The second and interactive part of the course was an application of the theory in real data using the R Language for Statistical Computing.

New staff at HENDYPLAN – welcome to Antoine and Ludovic!

Antoine Haag and Ludovic Calès have recently integrated HENDYPLAN’s staff, respectively with the position of Project Manager and Chief Researcher. Antoine and Ludovic have both a strong technical background; in line with the company’s model blending precise project management and high scientific standards. Antoine will principally work for organization and execution of projects and Ludovic will have an active role in research and methodological activities.

 Dr. Ludovic CALÈS is an Econometrician with  research interests in quantitative analysis,  financial and economic modelling, in particular in non-linear econometrics. He holds a PhD in financial mathematics from the University Paris-1 Sorbonne as well as a Master in finance and a Master in applied mathematics. He has been a consultant in IT and in econometrics for 7 years.


Dr Antoine Haag is Statistican/Economist, holding a PhD in labour and social policies. He has more than 15 years of experience, having worked at STATEC (National Statistical Institute of Luxembourg), CEPS/INSTEAD (Luxembourg).


Kick-off meeting for the Eurostat HICP Manual project

January 2014 – HENDYPLAN has started the activities for the preparation of the HICP handbook

The project has been awarded to HENDYPLAN by Eurostat over a period of 18 months and will be realized in collaboration with a small team of specialists in the field of price statistics: leaded by Mr. John Astin, Mr. David Baran, Mr. Michael Baxter, Mr. Enrico D’Elia and Mr. Marc Prud’homme .

The scope of this project is essentially to revise and finalize the current draft (Methodological Manual for HICP, drafted in 2006 and updated in summer 2013) for responding to the needs, views and the opinions of Eurostat and to the outcomes from the dedicated Eurostat task force involving national statistical offices and central banks. In particular, our team will review some chapters of the draft manual, focusing on best practice and various concrete examples that clarify the issues.

New project: Database management and research activities related to the Production of Principle European Economic Indicators (PEEls)

December 2013 – HENDYPLAN has been awarded and has signed with Eurostat a contract for providing services for the project “Database management and research activities related to the Production of Principle European Economic Indicators (PEEls)”.

Hendyplan will make available the expertize of an outstanding pool of scientists for:

• Extension and maintenance of the PEEI historical database

• Performing revision analysis on selected indicators

• Maintenance of PEEI survey data available from ECFIN

• Drafting of methodological working papers

• Regular production of PEEI data, tables and graphs

• Regular production of the Eurostatistics publication

• Development and production of a daily economic indicator

• Designing and prototyping an interactive tool for cyclical monitoring.